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Cement tiles or hydraulic tiles are handmade colourful tiles used as floor and wall tiling. They appeared in Catalonia (Spain) in the 1850s, and have been widely used in Europe and America. They represented a revolution in flooring in their day because they were much cheaper, more durable and easier to make than the previous handmade glazed ceramic tiles and were therefore more universally available for houses, and they allowed for profuse decorative patterns, their age of splendour being the end of the 19th to the middle of the 20th centuries, before they were gradually superseded by newer technology as of the 1960s, such as terrazzo, salt-glazed stoneware, etc. that didn’t allow for such decorative embellishment but were cheaper.


They are mostly known throughout the world as encaustic cement tile. Like their predecessors, encaustic clay tiles, they derive their name from the term “encaustic” which is an art term used for metal enameling that uses a type of lost wax procedure. They have this name because of the intricate patterns and designs that mimic the encaustic enameling process. Cement tiles are not fired; there is no glaze layer on the surface of the tile. They derive their durability from the combination of finely dehydrated ground Portland cement layer and a more coarse layer of sand and cement. The pigment layer is hydraulically pressed into the surface and becomes a part of the tile.

Cement tile in Wikipedia 

Cement tiles are made by hand, one at a time, using mineral pigments, cement, a mold, and a hydraulic press. The metal mold is handmade following specific design drawings. The pigment composition is a mixture of high-quality white Portland cement, marble powder, fine sand, and natural mineral color pigments. Cement tiles being handmade are expected to have slight imperfections, which give them character and depth.

There are numerous cement tile manufacturers worldwide. The primary difference between manufacturers is the hydraulic method used. Small companies employ a hand-operated hydraulic press; the quality of the tiles varies due to inconsistent pressure. Larger manufacturers use electric-powered hydraulic presses that produce a consistently higher quality product. The higher pressure (1,500 PSI) permits a thicker pigment layer to be embedded into the cement layer. The pigment layer is usually 3–4 mm thick.

Another difference is the quality of the pigments used. High-quality producers use mineral-based pigments only. Non-mineral-based pigments fade with age.

Quality of cement tile from manufacturer to manufacturer will be different, based on 3 major factors:

1. The Sharpness of pattern and color: It will depend on the skill and the component of the color layer, the patterns in cement tile will be clear and sharp between details. Color variation in surface is less.

2. The thickness of color layer: Cement tile basically has 2 parts: color layer-based with white cement, and body layer-based with grey cement. The shrinkage and extension of both layers are different when they have force or weather/temperature effect on the tile. It will create hair cracking on the surface. Therefore, it would be great if you could choose the tile having a thicker color layer- at least 2.5 – 3mm

3. The surface hardness of color layer: It comes from quality of white cement, water absorption, and the strength of surface tile. If the tile has harder surface, it will be shinier by time. In contrast, the soft tile’s surface will get dull with more traffic.


Can’t you wait to revamp your home? Do your rooms look boring? If so, it’s time to bring your dull place back to life. All you need is a bit of creativity and a go-to cement tile supplier, like Vietnam Cement Tile (also known as CTS). Our story started more than 30 years ago with unique craftsmanship that is here to stay.
We produce handmade tiles for all tastes. They are available in numerous colors, patterns, and sizes so that you can use them to make any room look exceptional. Turn on your fantasy and embellish your floors, walls, fireplace, swimming pool, or whatever your heart desires.
CTS is here to supply you with top-of-the-range encaustic tiles that will suit your design needs. So, if you want your home or office to be decorated with artisanal materials, search no further than our store. We’ve been carving out our way as a small family company for years, and now we hand-make and export tiles to 30 countries all over the world. Thousands of customers trust us because our service is synonymous with:

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Our products will work wonders for any place you are about to renovate. Go for them if quality and uniqueness matter to you!

Top benefits of our handmade cement tile

There are countless things that make our tiles your best choice. Get an eyeful of the main ones:

  • Cement tiles are durable
    They will easily stand up to plenty of use. You don’t need to worry about cracks or scratches as long as your tiles are properly maintained. That’s why they are especially perfect for anywhere in your home. Like living rooms, balconies, kitchens, bathrooms, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops…
  • They are easy to take care of
    Made of hard-wearing materials, our tiles require little care. Unlike many flooring options, they don’t need rigorous maintenance on an everyday basis. You should only mop them from time to time. Mop the floor often, the more beautiful the floor surface.
  • They can improve your insulation
    Would you like to keep your house cool in summer and warm in winter? Tile your floor! Such a home upgrade will not only look fabulous but also cut your heating and air conditioning expenses.

Customize hydraulic tiles to your own style

Although our products come in 450 patterns and more than 80 colors, you may still want something exclusive. Your wish is our command! At CTS, you are welcome to create your own tile design. Let us know about your idea, we will make you happy like a designer. Please use The Design Tool to make your idea. Here is Cement Tile Design Tool
Our team is made up of high-skilled artisans who know the career secrets of this industry. Upon your request, they can make a mold of any complexity and mix new colors to match your interior style. This service is provided at an extra cost, yet our prices will never catch you off guard.
Ready to design your dream space with the CTS cement tile supplier? Get a quote and find out the approximate cost of your order. You can also discuss your ideas with us to get some meaningful advice on your home renovations.

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